Secured P2P Loans: The safe and cost-effective way to borrow funds with your watch as collateral.

Interest as low as 0.42% monthly.*

*One-time platform fee of 2% applies for each loan transaction

Check the value of your watch now!

Secured Peer-2-Peer loans

Connecting Lenders and Borrowers.

The P2P marketplace matches borrowers with lenders that are seeking to loan out their excess funds.

You can access the attractive lending offers in the marketplace if you own a luxury watch that can be used as collateral for the loan.

Our company, The Xcess, acts as an intermediary, providing authentication, valuation and safe storage for the collateral until the loan is fully repaid.

Illustration connecting borrowers and lenders

Instead of paying up to 18% p.a. when borrowing from traditional money lenders, get a loan from as low as 5% p.a. in the P2P marketplace.

Latest Lending Offers:
6 Months
12 Months

Interest Rate


*One-time platform fee of 2% applies for each loan transaction.

Simply more cost-effective

Find low interest rates compared to traditional money lenders, all thanks to our P2P loan marketplace.

The average interest paid on a $10,000 loan with 12-month tenure:


The Xcess

Interest Rate: 5% p.a. (EIR 7.5%)

Traditional Money Lender

Interest Rate: Up to 18% p.a.

Credit Card Unsecured Loans

Interest Rate: Up to 26% p.a.

How much you save with The Xcess: $1,850

Getting a Loan is Easy.

  • 1. Create an Account

    Create an account online and add your watches to your portfolio.

    Creating an account
  • 2. Inquire for a loan

    Select the watch you want to borrow against and inquire for a loan.

    Selecting watch for loan
  • 3. Authentication and Appraisal

    Book an appointment at our Atelier to get your watch authenticated and appraised for its loan value.

    Setting an appointment
  • 4. Select a Loan

    Select a loan tenure and interest rate that suits your needs from the lending offers in the marketplace. Your funds will be electronically transferred to you.

    Selecting loan tenure and amount
  • 5. Safe Storage

    After you successfully selected a loan, your watch will be stored in a fully insured high security vault.

    Safe storage of your luxury watch
  • 6. Repayment

    Repay your loan and outstanding interest upon maturity of the loan and your watch will be returned to you.

    Repayment of your loan
Brands we accept at The Xcess
Brands we accept:

Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, IWC, Cartier, Richard Mille, Omega, and more...

Fair Dealing

At The Xcess, we believe every collector should be treated fairly no matter the model or cost of your timepiece.

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to pay back your loan, we will help you liquidate your watch at the highest possible price we can get through our liquidity partners. The proceeds from the sale will be used to pay off your loans and outstanding charges, any excess funds will be return to you.

Watch Appraised Value$20,000
Loan taken$10,000
Amount due at time of default$10,550
Proceeds from selling your watch$20,000
The Xcess handling fee (15%)$3,000
Excess amount to be returned to you$6,450

In the event of a default, our transparent process ensures that you are not shortchanged.


Flexible, Low-Interest rates

Affordable interest rates from as low as 0.42% monthly and flexible 6 months or 12 months loan tenure.

*One-time platform fee of 2% applies for each loan transaction.

Private and Discreet

Create an account online at your own convenience, your details are kept private never revealed to the lender. To protect your privacy, simply schedule a private appointment to drop off your watch.

No Monthly Payments or Interest Servicing

There is no need to pay monthly instalments, just pay back your loan and interest owed at the time of maturity.

Unlimited loan renewals*

Don’t wish to payback your loan just yet?

Simply pay the interest owed and select another new loan from one of the lending offers in our marketplace.

*To renew your loan, the collateral value of your watch at the time of loan renewal must be the same or higher than the previous loan.

Safely Stored

Never worry that your watch will go missing or get damaged during the period of your loan. All watches used as collateral for a loan are packed in tamper evident bags and stored in a fully insured, high security vault.

Transparent & Fair

Unlike traditional pawnshops that keep your watch and sell it for profit if you default on your loan, The Xcess returns any excess funds to you if your watch is liquidated for purpose of repayment.

Retain Ownership

You never lose ownership of your watch when it is used as collateral, The Xcess merely acts as an intermediary during the period of your loan. Neither The Xcess or the lender is able to claim ownership of your watch.


At The Xcess, we are passionate about helping watch collectors get more from their collections and that inspired us to create the P2P marketplace.

Meet some of our team members at The Xcess, and learn why are we passionate about what we do.

Trusted by 1,368 Lenders and Borrowers

Since 2015, the P2P market place has successfully processed over SGD 660 million worth of loans.

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